Ulisses jr natural o esteroides

hey man i appreciate your site and the work you doing but its clear you first do not use aas and do not know the dynamics of these stuff… for example o pro like phil heath take at least 6500 7000 mg inectables weekly plus 30 unit hgh and bout 70 to 90 slin and in most of case tons of research igf1… u dont have to take all this stuff to be like ryan terry obviously but its clear no body can reach a similar level of definition and quality without taking at least 4 to 6 pharma grade unit daily and some rapid testo plus a lot of anabolics like winny and very androgenic tren… plus its not obvious ull see the sides… me im a competitive heavy weight in italy and i take at least 3500 4000 mg per week and i do not have gyno or bloated stomach cause i cant afford hgh and slin combo but i ensure u to get shredded like these guys and keep the muscle full winny propionate and master are basics plus antiextrogens and some clen too… not only lot of the guys u claim natty are clearly on aas but they are not lower than the 2000 mgs per week… please open your eyes and do not consider phil heath on and guus like panda off cause theyre smaller… heath is on an entire pharmacy like the guy of the camel crew in kuwait panda and others are at least at 2500 mg plus hgh and lot of just football players dancers and stripper are on androgenic too… keep in mind miracles doesnt exist… 110 kg shredded per 182 cm tall is not achievable even by world class genetics

Is anything going to be added to the Shifter at those levels to compensate? Perhaps something like bonus feats, a la the Cavalier? Seems odd to have a full BAB class with no bonus feats... While I get the theory behind no dead levels, the ability they have now is stronger than it was when they got more at those levels, even if they get it all at once. It seems weird to ask for more to compensate for a power boost. Sigh Jan 31, 2018, 06:21 pm 5 people marked this as a favorite. thejeff wrote: PossibleCabbage wrote: With the changes to wildshape, it seems the shifter is now left with completely dead levels at 6th and 18th. IIRC, one of the design principles of Pathfinder was to avoid dead levels which plagued .

Ulisses jr natural o esteroides

ulisses jr natural o esteroides


ulisses jr natural o esteroidesulisses jr natural o esteroidesulisses jr natural o esteroidesulisses jr natural o esteroidesulisses jr natural o esteroides