Uk customs laws on steroids

These are the problems I've come up against when looking for information on this. The VCR bill is pretty straightforward if a little daunting to the layman, but doesn't specifically mention anything about the 1870 'watershed' if you like. If the sale of realistic imitation firearms is illegal then I will of course need to be affiliated to a group that can legally purchase them, but again these groups aren't spelled out in the bill, only mentioned offhand on websites that sell them. I can't seem to find anyone in a position that can say 'If you want to comply, here are your only options, and these are the people you need to speak to', or anyone else who has found themselves in my position.

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Uk customs laws on steroids

uk customs laws on steroids


uk customs laws on steroidsuk customs laws on steroidsuk customs laws on steroidsuk customs laws on steroidsuk customs laws on steroids