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In " New Kidney in Town ", he dognaps Brian to prevent the pet from giving the dying Peter his kidneys, and tells him, "I won't let you give your life for the fat man," in which Brian responds, "You can live without a dog but you can't live without a father." Stewie cries and embraces Brian, who gets covered with mucus dripping from the baby's nose. In " Yug Ylimaf ", Brian (inadvertently) names Stewie. This was after Brian accidentally reverses the flow of time and Stewie is unborn. After correcting his mistake, Brian rushes to the hospital just in time to see Stewie's rebirth. As he arrives he asks "Where's Stewie?", confusing the family. The family then decides to stick with the name Brian mentioned, therefore re-giving Stewie his name.

This episode when broadcast in Canada was subject to a complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council in 2011. The council ordered that Global Television must apologize to its viewers for not warning them about the violence in a scene where Elmer Fudd kills Bugs Bunny with a rifle during a July 23, 2011 airing of the Family Guy episode "Stewie B. Goode". The Council stated "The panel finds that the scene was definitely somewhat gruesome and uncomfortable to watch. It recognizes, however, that the scene was intended to satirize the violence found in that type of cartoon program. The gag was somewhat tongue-in-cheek since Family Guy itself is an animated program that sometimes contains violence." [6]

Stewie family guy steroids

stewie family guy steroids


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