Steroids the ticking time bomb

Finally, email--as with most people, this is a constant challenge for me. I use Gmail and have all of my various email accounts dump into my main Gmail account. I've used SaneBox for over a year now and it's been the most useful thing to help sort out the more important emails from the stuff that can wait. A newer tactic (that I wish I could remember who to credit) is using the multiple pane feature in Gmail along with Stars to do a quick email triage and sort to clear my inbox. Once you set this up, you'll have your main inbox panel in the left 2/3 of your Gmail screen, and the right 1/3 divided into up to four or five different panes that correspond to a different color Star that I've set up. When I go through my inbox, if there's any email that I can't answer on the spot, I add a Star to it (I have mine set up with yellow for my emails that need immediate responses, red for future reference, green for questions regarding Outreach, etc. You can set it up however you like). Once I add a colored Star, the email appears in the corresponding pane on the side. When I check my email, everything gets either a star or a response, and then I archive everything to clear my main inbox. My starred emails still appear in the panes on the right, so then I work through those as needed. It seems slightly counter-intuitive to break up your inbox into smaller chunks this way, but it really helps group up similar types of email and makes it easier to manage and respond to everything.

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Steroids the ticking time bomb

steroids the ticking time bomb


steroids the ticking time bombsteroids the ticking time bombsteroids the ticking time bombsteroids the ticking time bombsteroids the ticking time bomb