Steroid taper dosing asthma

"Axis Recovery"

  • Slow reduction in dose over extended period of time
  • change dose rate every 3-4 weeks, change to EOD for first reduction
  • No ACTH (maintains negative feedback on hypothalamus)
  • Remember extra pred. for "stress"
  • Daily replacement therapy
    • Prednisone or prednisolone preferred
    • 1 mg/kg of hydrocortisone activity each day (dog)
    • - mg/kg prednisone, prednisolone "normal" secretion rate not known for other species
  • "Stressful" Situations
    • additional prednisone or prednisolone
Anti-inflammatory and Anti-immunologic Therapy Steroids are potent drugs for interrupting events triggered at the cell membrane (prostaglandins, phospholipase, etc.), and cell mediated immunity (antigen recognition, cell migration, etc.)

Plastic surgery is indicated for hemangiomas that are life threatening or deforming and did not respond to an appropriate treatment. For facial hemangiomas with no significant reduction in size between 2 and 3 years of age, surgical intervention should be considered, especially if the lesion is disfiguring. Surgery may also be indicated for hemangiomas that have been left alone and do not show signs of shrinkage after a few years. Some experts are convinced that watchful waiting and massage therapy (with the parents massaging the area four times daily) is the best treatment.

One last point: Because steroids have all these side effects, a lot of abusers will then take other drugs to offset the effect—steroid abuse causes you to grow man-boobs, so people take another drug to mitigate those side effects. Guys who take steroids often also take augmenting drugs to decrease estrogen production or to improve athletic performance even further, like human growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor 1, insulin, erythropoietin, stimulants, diuretics, levothyroxine, and/or gamma-hydroxybutyrate, according to the study in FP Essentials . That means on top of all these side effects of steroids, most abusers are also looking at a whole separate list of effects from their peripheral drug habits.

Steroid taper dosing asthma

steroid taper dosing asthma


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