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I've also heard gargling salt water is supposed to help though I've never gargled much it's definitely an art! Lol I will say that this along with depression is not a good combo lol you're already miserable mentally then dealing with mucus from hell it gets to you! I try to ignore it as there doesn't seem to be a cure of any kind. I'm still trying to live with it but notice whenever I laugh it seems to finally bust up enough that I can cough out a but more than usual. I actually look forward to head/chest colds ya know the nasty ones that give you some awesome green mucus lol only then can I have up a freaking ton I'm talking a mouthful of mucus. Sad that only when I'm miserable will I be free of this peaky thick mucus it just won't let me win no matter what lol it's extremely evil I tell you

I said up above that I met him and it was sort of a social situation, although he was clearly there for hire. As I said, he seemed like a nice enough guy and actually pretty smart but I'll repeat that he seemed weary. Weary and wary. No way to be himself, just putting on a face for the crowd and being on the arm of the ancient queen who brought and bought him there. I wouldn't be surprised if he talked bad about his Johns behind their backs because he was well aware that everything was all just a transaction. He might have made a ton of money from it but it looked exhausting to try to be Zeb Atlas all the time in these public functions. What happened behind closed doors was undoubtedly worse.

Steroid forums big boards

steroid forums big boards


steroid forums big boardssteroid forums big boardssteroid forums big boardssteroid forums big boardssteroid forums big boards