Steroid dependent asthma definition

IMMUNOTHERAPY If a patient's asthma is caused by an allergen that cannot be avoided, or if medications have not been effective in controlling symptoms, immunotherapy (also called allergy shots ) may be considered. Immunotherapy is helpful when symptoms tend to occur throughout all or most of the year. Typically, increasing amounts of the allergen are injected over a period of three to five years, so that the body can build up an effective immune response. There is a risk that this treatment may cause the airways to become narrowed and bring on an asthmatic attack.

A recent case report suggested that hydroxychloroquine had a steroid sparing effect in a patient with severe chronic asthma. We have studied the effect of hydroxychloroquine in a group of nine steroid dependent adult asthmatic patients using a randomised double blind crossover comparison of hydroxychloroquine and placebo. Each patient received hydroxychloroquine (400 mg/day) or placebo for 2 month periods. The effect of hydroxychloroquine or placebo on asthma control was assessed by change in steroid dosage, visual analogue symptom scores, response to β 2 agonist and peak expiratory flow rate (PFR) measurement. The dose of prednisolone required during hydroxychloroquine treatment did not differ from that during placebo treatment or in pre-trial period. There was no signficant change in symptom scores of PFR measurement. In this study an 8 week treatment with hydroxychloroquine was of no benefit to patients with chronic steroid dependent asthma.

Steroid dependent asthma definition

steroid dependent asthma definition


steroid dependent asthma definitionsteroid dependent asthma definitionsteroid dependent asthma definitionsteroid dependent asthma definitionsteroid dependent asthma definition