Steroid cream for vulvar itching

So, that's all good. I rub the ointment in and leave some time before bed, when I add the oily moisturizer. My gynae said the wider area around and up behind my anus was clear, there was just LS along the crease. So I thoroughly rub in a tiny bit straight along that crease. I'm inclined to wonder if good oily stuff isn't just as good as estrogen, but after reading what Dee said on Living with Lichen Sclerosus, I thought I'd see whether I could use a tiny bit without side effects. It wouldn't take much to make me quit.

Skin biopsy shows the typical histological features of plasma cell vulvitis. These include epithelial thinning due to decreased size and quantity of keratocytes and the loss of granular and horny cell layers. The keratocytes are described as being 'diamond shaped'. The intracellular spaces increase, possibly due to tissue oedema. There is a preponderance of plasma cells, which often account for over 50% of cells present. There is vascular proliferation and dilatation. Haemosiderin deposition gives the lesions their characteristic colour. There are no premalignant changes1,2.

“I suffered with the symptoms of vulvodynia for almost 2 years before I was diagnosed correctly. I had seen my gynecologist on countless occasions complaining of searing vulvar pain, itching, and burning. I was unable to sit comfortably, ride a bike, use a tampon, endure a gynecological exam or have healthy sexual relationship with my husband without major discomfort. The pain was indescribable. For a year, my gynecologist treated my pain as symptoms of a typical yeast infection, as they presented similarly. After several months of unsuccessful treatment, she intimated that there could be emotional-related relationship issues between me and my husband or high stress levels which might be the root cause of my problem. I wanted a second opinion. Fortunately, I was able to see Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Fowler examined me, ran some diagnostic tests, and, in about 30 minutes dismissed the possibility of vulvar leukoplakia and the pre-cancerous potential associated with it. He put me on a broad-spectrum regimen. While feeling a bit overwhelmed by such an intensive approach, I was willing to try anything to relieve my discomfort and lead a normal life again. Let me go on record by saying that my symptoms improved in 3 days. As began taking the medications, my pain level decreased quickly and dramatically. ! I understand that response usually begins after 4-6 months of treatment. However, my response to Dr. Fowler’s regimen was more rapid. In fact, 90% of my pain was gone in 3 months” 
L. - Edwards, Colorado  *Individual results may vary

Steroid cream for vulvar itching

steroid cream for vulvar itching


steroid cream for vulvar itchingsteroid cream for vulvar itchingsteroid cream for vulvar itchingsteroid cream for vulvar itchingsteroid cream for vulvar itching