Steroid brands in canada

I would try Alvesco…it is a steriod inhaler but with out bronchial dilater. According to two of the top NYC Vocal Doctors, it has larger molecules and doesn’t affect the larynx and vocal cords as much. It still contains the risk factors of other inhalers, but less so than ADVAIR. I’m a professional singer and teacher, so I am going to try it.
As of now (17 years on Advair) I am just starting to lose my upper range. Very frustrating.
Gargling DOES help but finding your own cocktail of mixtures is hit and miss.
Best of luck

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Pharmaceuticals: Our products treat a wide range of eye conditions including glaucoma, eye allergies, conjunctivitis, dry eye and retinal diseases. We offer proprietary and generic medicines available by prescription, over-the-counter eye drops and other medications. Our line of proprietary Rx products includes the antibacterial eye drops Besivance , the steroid eye drops Lotemax , Alrex , and Zylet , and, Retisert and Vitrasert  to treat retinal diseases. Outside the ., the non-selective beta blocker, Carteol ; Minims , preservative-free, single-dose drops; and Liposic ointment for dry eye. Leading OTC products include the Ocuvite and PreserVision brands of ocular vitamins, Soothe dry eye drops, and Alaway allergy drops.  

Steroid brands in canada

steroid brands in canada


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