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In a recent evaluation by Li et al, intoxicated patients were evaluated and serum folate, thiamine, and vitamin B12 levels were tested at the time of presentation. 42  The authors found that no patient evaluated had a low serum folate level and none were deficient in vitamin B12. In addition, there is no evidence that treatment of folate and vitamin B12 deficiencies, even when confirmed to be present, will result in any rapid or measurable clinical improvement in the emergency department. Additionally, some guidelines recommend against empiric administration of magnesium prior to confirmation of deficiency. 43

Simplicity and ease of use are not the only things that Grace has to offer, though. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find a brilliant modulation section, paired up with a nice sounding set of resonant filters and some basic, but still very useful effects. The modulation section is Grace’s second biggest strength, sporting a pair of ADSR envelopes, two syncable LFOs, two surprisingly versatile step sequencers and a handy pair of XY pads which can be used to control multiple parameters simultaneously. The demo video linked below shows how easy it is to make some totally insane arpeggios using Grace’s built-in step sequencers.

Bergeron says her basic critique was that the people Arnold spoke to hadn’t been prodded or treated critically enough, which gets at the piece’s real problem. For a story that centered on Holtzclaw to work, it had to look at the people around him, who thought they knew him best, not as sources, but subjects. Instead of retrying the case through one-sided interviews, it would be far more illuminating to explore exactly how and why these people couldn’t reconcile the facts about Holtzclaw with what they knew of him. Here was a beloved son, friend, and teammate; here, too, was a prolific serial rapist. If Arnold weren’t deluded, perhaps he would’ve seen that what he’d reported was a study of delusion.

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