Right sacroiliac joint steroid injection

These accessory movements of the sacroiliac joint are not under voluntary control; they are necessary, however, for full painless function of the joint and full range-of-motion of the joint. Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction signifies a loss of JOINT PLAY movement. The existence of joint play movement is necessary for pain free voluntary movement to occur. If the JOINT PLAY movement is found to be absent, this movement must be freed before functional voluntary movement can be fully restored. This is best done by skilful manipulation.

We would like to make several recommendations pursuant to the treatment your horse just received for sacroiliac joint pain (arthritis). A combination of both short- and long-acting steroid as well as a synthetic hyaluronan were infused into both left and right sacroiliac joints. The joints were treated through a common injection portal. An analgesic (pain killer) was administered along with the sedative to reduce discomfort during the procedure, and 2 grams phenylbutazone was administered intravenously to reduce discomfort over the next 12-24 hours. No more medication for discomfort is required.

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Right sacroiliac joint steroid injection

right sacroiliac joint steroid injection


right sacroiliac joint steroid injectionright sacroiliac joint steroid injectionright sacroiliac joint steroid injectionright sacroiliac joint steroid injectionright sacroiliac joint steroid injection