Polyhydroxy steroids

I’ve been using the entire REVERSE line for 6 months now. I have pretty good skin but I have some acne scars that have taunted me for years now. Also, I’m pretty good with sunscreen as a mixed race girl BUT I’m bad when I’m on vacation in the desert. So I’m trying to undo any unseen damage so I don’t look like a Brahmin bag when i’m 40. The line is expensive but I definitely see a difference. It’s not overnight but at around the 3 to 4 month mark, I really noticed that the acne scars had faded and even some of my freckles had. My skin looks really good on makeup free days and when I do wear makeup, I swear my skin has this lit from within look. I’d say it’s the most radiant my skin has ever looked. Once this round is done, I will most likely switch to the anti-aging line as I think REVERSE has done it’s work.

Polyhydroxy steroids

polyhydroxy steroids


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