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This fragrance definitely has a similar vibe to la nuit with the cardamom opening, but during the drydown this fragrance turns into a very pleasant tobacco beeswax combination. I can definitely smell the lavender and the benzoin gives it a smooth creaminess that could be mistaken for vanilla. I love this one, but performance is not great. Projection is pretty soft and longevity is decent on skin - however, on clothes it will las for days. I sprayed a dress shirt and it still smells quite strongly 5 days later. Definitely a good date fragrance, one for cuddling or simply to smell yourself. It's sweet, but not excessively sweet to the point where it gets cloying. The tobacco adds a masculine touch which makes the scent more appealing and alluring. Overall, a good value for the price of you don't mind reapplying and with the soft projection

Like solid bromine and iodine, solid chlorine crystallises in the orthorhombic crystal system , in a layered lattice of Cl 2 molecules. The Cl–Cl distance is 198 pm (close to the gaseous Cl–Cl distance of 199 pm) and the Cl···Cl distance between molecules is 332 pm within a layer and 382 pm between layers (compare the van der Waals radius of chlorine, 180 pm). This structure means that chlorine is a very poor conductor of electricity, and indeed its conductivity is so low as to be practically unmeasurable. [26]

Oxydine steroids

oxydine steroids


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