Neutrophilia due to steroids

Neutrophilia is a medical condition that involves the increase of neutrophil in the blood or serum. This is considered as the most common form of leukocytosis, a condition that involves the increase of leukocytes (white blood cells). The neutrophils are responsible in killing or assistance of fighting off the foreign materials found in the body such as bacteria and fungi. In other words, the neutrophils are vital in the defense against microorganisms that harm the body. These agents are responsible in the infectious process that develops after an invasion of such pathogenic agents.

      There is an increase in the total blood volume, the plasma volume and the red cell volume during pregnancy. The total blood volume increases by about 30-40% by about 34 weeks of pregnancy. There is a relative increase in plasma with respect to red cells - 45% increase in plasma versus 18% increase in red cells respectively. This imbalance causes a haemodilution.

The duration and type of treatment given to your cat will depend on the underlying cause of the melena. Initially, daily blood testing may be required to evaluate your cat for ongoing anemia, which may turn into weekly testing once your cat's health has stabilized. In cases with regular vomiting episodes, hydration will need to be maintained to correct fluid deficits. Watch your cat for the presence of any blood or color changes in its stool during treatment and inform your veterinarian if anything appears unusual, including behavioral changes.

Neutrophilia due to steroids

neutrophilia due to steroids


neutrophilia due to steroidsneutrophilia due to steroidsneutrophilia due to steroidsneutrophilia due to steroidsneutrophilia due to steroids