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I have used natural treatments for 35-40 years including herbs and I had heard; about the healing power of a natural immune support called natural immune enhancing substances before adopting Bach, When Bach started experiencing seizures (epilepsy); I decided to try the natural immune enhancing substance immune support to help improve his health. Five days later I was amazed when I saw Bach; playing with his toys (which he hadn't done since I adopted him) and was running around like a new cat. His appetite has come back, he was eating very well and had no seizures at all. I continued to give him natural immune enhancing substances for about 2 months but then financially things went down hill for us and I couldn't keep him on it and he started experiencing seizures again and he passed away. I know that if I had the money to keep him on it, he would still be alive today.

I find that the fatigue hits almost immediately after the attack, while the depression and despair hit during the attack.
In the ER today, I could feel the despair/ helplessness/hopelessness hit like a wave, and had to fight mentally to overcome it and stay calm. My attack took place out of town, and I had to walk 15 minutes to the ER, as I couldn’t talk on the phone (in my hand!!) nor would anyone respond to my attempts to flag down help. I truly didn’t think I would make it–inhaler didn’t even make a dent.

This is optional, but I’m so happy I discovered this. Fasting sounds
difficult and you’d think it would involve hunger and suffering and a strong
will power, but not so. No need to go hungry. And I’m not even hungry and
don’t suffer but feel great and clearer thinking/more energy in the morning
(even with my risperdal which for years had made me lethargic in the morning)
during my daily intermittent fasting (16 hour fast with coconut oil during
the fast with 8 hours feeding). When the fast is over, I eat normally:
usually 2 meals and a snack during the 8 hour feeding window, sometimes just
2 meals. I’m not ravenous when it’s time to eat, surprisingly. Sure, I’m a
little hungry, but in no hurry to eat and sometimes the fast lasts longer
than 16 hours just because of circumstances. And I exercise during the fast –
no problem with a lack of energy. No longer am I anxious about eating every 4
hours like I used to be while doing the low carb. In fact, I think I have a
much healthier relationship with food – it’s not so important and I know I
can go without it if I need to. Food doesn’t control me anymore. It has
really simplified my life.

Naps 50mg steroids

naps 50mg steroids


naps 50mg steroidsnaps 50mg steroids