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The Slate also serves as a test bed for a few bits and the latest is the FiZik Aliante VSX Kium saddle (£). I’m a big fan of the Fabric Scoop, which the Slate comes equipped with, but while I also favour FiZik’s Aliante I’ve never been a fan of the VS versions with their pressure relief channel. However I've been pleasantly surprised with the VSX — it's like the VS but with much deeper padding and offers a great level of cushioning comfort. So much so, in fact, that the VSX has stayed on the bike well beyond its test period.

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Inner armour test peak anabolic reviews

inner armour test peak anabolic reviews


inner armour test peak anabolic reviewsinner armour test peak anabolic reviewsinner armour test peak anabolic reviewsinner armour test peak anabolic reviewsinner armour test peak anabolic reviews