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A highly effective (but expensive) treatment now recommended by the American FDA and British NICE guidelines for use as the preferred third line add-on treatment of Chronic Urticaria unresponsive to high dose antihistamines, includes subcutaneous injections of 300mg Omalizumab (Xolair) once a month for 6 months.  Recent studies on this monoclonal antibody (previously only used in asthma) show that once initial control is gained (after one month), the dose may be halved to maintain control for the 6 month induction period which can result in total remission of the Urticaria. However at least 40% will relapse after withdrawal of Omalizumab.  (Zuberbier et al, EAACI Guidelines urticaria, Allergy 69(7) 2014)

All QSOs within your DXCC entity qualify.
See also section 9 below for Awards with specific requirements.

  • 8. Event participation – contact submissions:  All submissions are made through LoTW. See  https:///lotw/default
  • 9. Awards:  As all contacts are being uploaded to LoTW, in addition to the overall monthly and annual recognitions of the  ARRL International Grid Chase , participants may use their contacts toward other ARRL awards (see the list of ARRL awards at  http:///awards ). These include ARRL’s grid-based awards of VHF-UHF Century Club (VUCC) and the Fred Fish Memorial Award (for contact with all 488 US 4-digit grid squares on 6 meters), as well as Worked All States (WAS) and WAS Triple Play, DX Century Club (DXCC), and Worked All Continents (WAC).
  • 10. Recognitions:  Achievement in collecting grid squares in the ARRL International Grid Chase will be recognized by categories of Band, Mode, and Continent (other leaders types will be developed as warranted) through our interactive web page monthly and at year end summary. Online certificates of achievement will be developed for Monthly and Annual recognition.
  • 11. Resources:  A variety of resources offer grid-square maps and mapping tools.
    • To learn more about Maidenhead grid-squares see  /grid-squares
    • ARRL offers its World Grid Atlas from the ARRL Store  http:///shop/The-ARRL-World-Grid-Locator-Atlas
    • You can map your location using this handy Google Maps tool from F6FVY – see  http:///
    • Call sign lookups in QRZ (see  http:// ) often includes the station’s grid square in their station detail tab.
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    How to homebrew steroids

    how to homebrew steroids


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