Hip joint steroid injection cpt code

The hip joint is the largest ball-and-socket joint in the body, and is surrounded by a tough, fibrous sleeve called the capsule, which helps to hold the bones together. The capsule is lined by the synovium, which produces a fluid (synovial fluid) that nourishes the 'shock-absorber' cartilage and lubricates the joint. With ageing , there is a lot of natural wear and tear so the cartilage becomes thinner. Damage to the cartilage can result in inflammation of the hip joint and pain . In certain circumstances, if the patient is in persistent pain, and medical treatment isn’t helping enough, the damaged joint might need to be replaced by an artificial joint.

Just the same, cortisone shots are commonly used--and often are successful--in helping to relieve arthritis symptoms temporarily. Some patients are able to use them to get enough pain relief to hold off joint replacement surgery for months or even years. Cortisone shots are a treatment for pain; they do not alter the course of arthritis and they do not cure the condition. In general, they are more commonly used for arthritis of other joints than they are for arthritis of the hip joint.

  • "Viscosupplement" injections - These are any of several compounds that are made up of hyaluronic acid which is a component of normal joint fluid. Some of the common ones include Synvisc Hyalgan Supartz and Orthovisc. They are given as a series of injections usually weekly for 3-5 weeks. There is some disagreement as to how and whether they work.  Read more details on JBJS Article - Corticosteroids VS. Hylan GF20 in pdf format () . They are FDA-approved for managing the pain associated with arthritis of the knee but they are not, as of December 2007, FDA-approved for use in the hip joint.
  • Hip arthritis patients who have perceptible leg-length inequalities can be managed with a shoe lift either inside the shoe (typically if the difference is <1/4”) or built onto the outside of the shoe (if the difference is larger).

    Hip joint steroid injection cpt code

    hip joint steroid injection cpt code


    hip joint steroid injection cpt codehip joint steroid injection cpt codehip joint steroid injection cpt codehip joint steroid injection cpt codehip joint steroid injection cpt code