Depo provera anabolic steroid

Today in THE NEW AGE came out an article that actually was carried out by another paper yesterday, on the possible ban of South Africa's mostly commonly used injectable contraceptives. Depo and Nuristerate seem to be culprits in this saga. Besides their reported possible links to increased risk of HIV infection, they are hormonal contraceptives, meaning that they create an artificial hormonal imbalance or increase in a woman's body for them to be effective. It is known to some that Depo was also used in horses and resulted in better performance for racing ones. Some male athletes also used it as a form of anabolic steroids. I think everyone know that the effects of alcohol on women is more than that on men. Then imagine what a hormonal substance that increase natural performance in horses and men can do to the fragile ovaries and a womb of a woman or a young girl for that matter, thus Depo has been recommended to women with atleast one child. Depo freezes the unfertilized egg and stops menstruation. Where on earth have you seen a process used to stop something natural being good?

At one stage I discovered that women who just gave birth are injected with Depo without their concern, whether they used it before or not. This often result in unnatural extended post natal depression as the woman's body is trying to adjust to its former self and the new breast feeding and sleepless nights that are exacerbated by this hormonal substance that act ruthlessly in her body when she's supposed to heal naturally. This is bad.

Most women have made 'ho hlaba' fashionable. The nurses who administer these contraceptives also apply passive care. They dont even tell these women that Depo and all others do not prevent HIV and other ST infections. Some women also like it because it gives them a couple of months break on menstruating, which is a stupid thought as it has chronic side effects. Some have massive headaches caused by disturbed blood flow due to clotting. Levels of oxygen in their blood is sometimes low due to raptured eggs that never leave the system. Some completely lose their libido. I hope someone can say 'let's ban these drugs for good for they've turned our women into perpetual sick creatures that sometimes go completely mad'. Some men are in jail today for assaulting or even killing their partners due to their wayward sudden behaviour. These drugs ARE DAILY KILLING OUR WOMEN AND THEY DONT KNOW.

NB. I've been saying this for the past 21 years. I was 21 years old when I discovered this.

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Depo provera anabolic steroid

depo provera anabolic steroid


depo provera anabolic steroiddepo provera anabolic steroiddepo provera anabolic steroiddepo provera anabolic steroiddepo provera anabolic steroid