De novo lipogenesis anabolic or catabolic

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I like fruit but i find that I dont crave it that much, my favorite fruits are the berries, peaches and sometimes I eat bananas but I am not that crazy about them unless I am really hungry. I like pineapples but latly find them overly sweet. hum, weird. I have done various forms of low carb some where they are severly restrictive to moderatlly so, but find I couldnt stick to them past 6 weeks, most of the insulin resistance (not an expert but experienced)is nutritional based and not based on sugar itself. I mean after all there are people who eat this stuff with abandone (both in natural form and table sugar) who do quite well. so if you cant handle sugar metabolically then you are lacking nutrients needed to handle them properly after all what cell wants to take sugar in that is highly oxidative (aka explosive when reacting with oxygen) when it doensnt have the carrier proteins and cholesterol it needs to buffer it? what exactly are those nutrients? well heard alot of opinions vitad3, sulfer compounds found in foods like brocullie, good quality saturated fats like cocount oil or palm oil? real butter? plenty of antioxidants, and by the way organic fruits are loaded with antioxidants, I dont know why people consider fruit to be basically empty of enough nutrients to warrant eating them. even when diabetic. and if you can eat whole grains (not what htey claim is whole grain) they are good for you, especially high fiber ones. I like hot oat bran cereal in the morning with a half tablespoon of raw honey (we have bees) and a half tablespoon of cold pressed coconut oil. then a nice little glass of milk afterwards. and when I plan my meals I do plan with reducing carbs (not eliminating or going really low) raw honey is healing, it has stuff in there that helps to heal the body and a healed body can handle metabolic stuff better cant it? for example if I can substutute a lower carb version of a processed carb like wraps, for like burittos for example, I do, when I can substitue a say a pop for something else I do, in this case kambacha, which is half the carbs and has organic acids tea and probiotics and is sweeted partially if not whole by stevia leaf. really helps my sleep and stomach. it has stopped all that heart burn stopping all that processed carbs or reducing it drastically as I can comfortably do. so far I am enjoying this diet, but I enjoyed my low carb diets before until my body said enough. so we shall see.

De novo lipogenesis anabolic or catabolic

de novo lipogenesis anabolic or catabolic


de novo lipogenesis anabolic or catabolicde novo lipogenesis anabolic or catabolicde novo lipogenesis anabolic or catabolicde novo lipogenesis anabolic or catabolicde novo lipogenesis anabolic or catabolic