Bostin loyd steroid transformation video

imho i think whats ridiculous is the fact that this moron runs all this gear gets infections left and right from improper pinning and/or shity gear, runs said stacks and hasn't accomplished anything really sure he won a pretty good show , but all in all hes nothing great at all. his legs are extremely under developed and his arms and back are extremely over developed last time i checked bodybuilding whether it be at novice npc level or pro ifbb level is about symmetry , proportions, size , and definition. this is a milder cycle from him to be honest ive seen much worse out of him. so basically for what he is accomplishing and the damage he's causing to himself yes id agree these stacks and cycles he runs and pushes onto people are ridiculous. giving advice to straight noobs to bodybuilding to run insulin to make up for their diet issues to put on the desired mass is retarded, having guys run almost a gram of gear on their first and second cycles like he did is retarded , having guys run 2 to 4 compounds their first and second cycles is also retarded. its only a matter of time before this moron hurts somebody or worse kills someone and that will hurt all of us in the long run. think about it when it hits the news that this idiot is prescribing illegal steriods and dosages to kids or people who have no business running gear and they get seriously hurt or die how is that going to help the outlook on steroids? its not its going to make it worse and make the public look at us users , whether it be bodybuilders , or average joes even shittier then they do now. some might say ehh who cares well it only takes a few young kids to get seriously hurt for them to really start enforcing crazy laws and having a big fucking witch hunt. so all in all id say yea just about every thing he does and says is pure stupidity and ridiculousness. i compete and sure are there guys who run crazy amounts yes, are their guys who run small amounts there sure are, are there many who don't put in a lot of effort in and depend whole heartedly on compounds very many, but there are also guys who their whole life revolves around their diet, training , and cardio and gear is only a small tool.

When Bostin Loyd decided to jump onto our podcast earlier this month, I wanted to also take the time to have a more formal interview with him. After all, there aren’t many bodybuilders to be so honest about steroids while still in the prime of competing in the NPC. Of course, this has brought much controversy and hate towards Bostin… so I wanted to dig deeper about his mentality behind the steroid honesty, how it effects his life, and what the cost is behind using his own body like a testing ground. You can watch the full interview above.

Bostin loyd steroid transformation video

bostin loyd steroid transformation video


bostin loyd steroid transformation videobostin loyd steroid transformation videobostin loyd steroid transformation videobostin loyd steroid transformation videobostin loyd steroid transformation video