Anonymous hackers on steroids

Today the hacker world has been given 3 different names. The White hat hackers, who do all the good things and are positively motivated people, Then we have the Black hat hackers also called the crackers who are usually into negative work of cracking and breaking into someone’s system and finally the third and the last are the grey hat hackers who explore the best of both the worlds. To conclude, we can say that Hackers are people who are skilled programmers that work for a positive cause or a goal, either for themselves or for an organization which could be private as in an industry or for the government.

I understand what your saying, but I think there are to many altcoins on the market. I do understand it offers privacy, and a better form than some others. As I said earlier, I think BitCoin will continue to be the largest CryptoCoin success. Almost anyone can build an cryptocurrency today. Nothing similar to the security and privacy of BCN, but BitCoin is the largest and will prevail. I think the cryptocurrency market is just getting to big, and there are so many that only a subset will actually survive or even be realistic. We will have to wait and see how BCN pans out. I do appreciate you noting it, and think its a very cool concept, but people are just starting to recognize BTC, I don’t think other altcoins are really going to make a big hit online. I chose to note only the most realistic and most used payment methods on this list. There are many different methods to make anonymous payments, but I don’t note them as they are not widely used, or really practical.

Anonymous hackers on steroids

anonymous hackers on steroids


anonymous hackers on steroidsanonymous hackers on steroidsanonymous hackers on steroidsanonymous hackers on steroidsanonymous hackers on steroids