Anaboliczna reakcja

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Introducing the Bonus Points System (BPS) Prior to The Scout’s return at the end of July, we wanted to draw your attention to the new Bonus Points System (BPS) that has been created exclusively for Fantasy Premier League and makes its debut in this season’s game. Utilising a range of statistics to create a BPS score for every player, the system is designed to reward contributions of players that may not necessarily earn traditional fantasy points, rather than re-reward players that already score handsomely against the current scoring criteria. At the end of each match, a BPS will be generated for every player that has participated in any of the Gameweek’s matches. This will be the total cumulative number of points scored using the criteria outlined below – ranging from 1 point for playing in a match to 3 points for every player with pass completion accuracy over 90%. The three best performing players in each match according to the BPS will be awarded bonus points. 3 points will be awarded to the highest scoring player, 2 to the second best and 1 to the third. Examples of how bonus point ties will be resolved are as follows: If there is a tie for first place, Players 1 & 2 will receive 3 points each and Player 3 will receive 1 point. If there is a tie for second place, Player 1 will receive 3 points and Players 2 and 3 will receive 2 points each. If there is a tie for third place, Player 1 will receive 3 points, Player 2 will receive 2 points and Players 3 & 4 will receive 1 point each. How is the BPS score calculated? Players score BPS points based on the following statistics (one point for each unless otherwise stated): Playing in a match Playing over 60 minutes Scoring goals Goalkeepers and defenders (4 points) Midfielders (6 points) Fowards (8 points) Assists (3 points) Goalkeepers and defenders keeping a clean sheet (4 points) Saving a penalty (5 points) For every 3 saves For every 3 open play crosses Creating a big chance (a chance where the receiving player should score) For every 8 clearances, blocks and interceptions (total) For every 8 recoveries Providing key passes Making 3 tackles Scoring the goal that wins a match Pass Completion (after making at least 30 passes) 70% completion (1 point) 80% completion (2 points) 90% completion (3 points) Players lose BPS points based on the following statistics (one point for each unless otherwise stated): Conceding a penalty Missing a penalty (-2 points) For every 2 goals conceded by goalkeepers and defenders Yellow cards Red cards (-3 points) Own goals (-2 points) Missing a big chance Making an error which leads to a goal Every 2 errors leading to an attempt at goal Being tackled 3 times Conceding 2 fouls Being caught offside 3 times Missing the target with 3 shots

Anaboliczna reakcja

anaboliczna reakcja


anaboliczna reakcjaanaboliczna reakcjaanaboliczna reakcja