18g needles steroids

Drawing up needles are designed with a large bore to make drawing fluid out of ampoules, multi-dose vials, and bottles quick and easy.

Mostly used by people refiling their e-cigarette / vapour devices with nicotine 'juice'.

This is a proper needle, with a SHARP point to go through rubber seal at the top of multi dose vials.

There is also a BLUNT version of the pink drawing up needle for drawing out of bottles and other containers that open, if you would prefer to buy the blunt drawing up needle, click here .

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Product details Product details Gauge/Size 18G Needle Length (mm) 40mm Needle Length (inch) inches Hub Colour Pink Type Drawing up, luer slip Manufacturer Terumo Brand Agani Product Code A239 Also known as Drawing up needle

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18g needles steroids

18g needles steroids


18g needles steroids18g needles steroids18g needles steroids18g needles steroids18g needles steroids